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Jericho Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

1,000% happy! - A.B., Garden City, NY, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

I've never met anyone who knows more than Jerry about homes, how they work and how they are built. Add Vita's immense experience and unrivaled passion for style. Add DJ's family back-office. And thier highly qualified personnel, who care. . . . And you get the perfect team. I've had work done in my homes, over my life, dozens of times. Laborers can make stunning mistakes-----not only when the are dishonest-----but when they try in good faith without sufficient experience. Avoid making either of those mistakes. DJ's gut-renovated and enlarged our kitchen; renovated our dining room, bathroom and basement; addressed our attic ventilation and insulation; and added capacity for our new solar panels. When the finished, we were 100% satisfied. Some of our work was completed several years ago. We are still 100% satisfied. Before finding DJ's, I had three decades of experience with many home improvement contractors and subcontractors. But I was never once close to 50% satisfied. At times, even when they tried to help, they made the problems worse, and I was 100% unsatisfied. Avoid that frustration! DJ's saves you money, and pricelessly saves you time and frustration. Enjoy!!! - A.B., Garden City, NY, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel,1,,,

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