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5 Pro Tips to Spring Clean Your Roof and Keep Your Home High and Dry!

Here are some general tips to help prepare your roof for spring rains.

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts: it's essential to keep your gutters and downspouts free of debris like leaves, twigs and other natural debris that may have accumulated during the winter months. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow, causing damage to your roof and home's foundation.

  2. Check for leaks: inspect your roof for any signs of leaks or damage caused any winder weather. Look for missing or cracked shingles, loose flashing or any other damage that may have occurred. If you notice any leaks or damage, contact a roofing professional to make repairs.

  3. Trim overhanging branches: overhanging branches can cause significant damage to your roof during a heavy rainstorm r windstorm. Trim any branches that are within six feet of your roof to prevent damage from falling branches.

  4. Check attic ventilation: adequate attic ventilation is essential for preventing moisture buildup and reducing the risk of mold growth. Check your attic ventilation to ensure it's functioning correctly and clean of debris or dust that may have accumulated over the winter.

  5. Install a protective roof coating: applying a protective roof coating can help extend the life of your roof and protect it from moisture damage. A professional roofer can recommend the best type of coating for your roof and install it for you.

Thank your for reading our blog post on preparing your roof for spring. As spring approaches, it's crucial to ensure your roof is ready to withstand the potential rainstorms and weather conditions that come with it.

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